Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cowboy Bebop Spoiler-Free Anime Review

being a STEM major and taking midterms is awful but i'M BACK with a marginally less horrible workload
so let's talk about anime because to help me fall asleep and stop the equations churning through my head I've been watching an episode or three of something. Lately that something has been Cowboy Bebop, a singular early 90s anime that was only around for a season and still reruns on adult swim to this very day.
It is a gateway drug to the world of anime. It's even better that the episodes are standalone. You can pick a random episode and not get lost.
It's pretty (dear god those ship designs), clever (explores a lot of philosophical questions) and has both well-developed characters and a consistent plot. It references a lot of things, but you don't need to be the literary type to pick up on all of them. It's rather adult, there's a lot of realistic gore and death and violence and mafia doings (the show IS about bounty hunters) but it's worth it and rarely overdone.
One of the things I love most is its main-character equality- while there aren't a whole lot of named girls in the series, 2/4 crew members are ladies. Faye Valentine in particular is incredibly well-written, she's definitely flawed as are all the main characters but she's never vilified for any sort of 'feminine weakness' and often saves the day by herself or greatly assists.
While you can and should buy the DVDs, the episodes are available on many free anime sites- subbed and low-quality but free. Meet Faye in Session 3 and Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV in Session 9. Session 19 is by far my favorite.
Do you like film noir, Westerns, music, dystopia, utopia, Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly (watch this especially if you love Firefly)? Watch Cowboy Bebop.
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