Monday, September 16, 2013

Spoiler- Free Movie Review: Angel's Egg


I am really glad I clicked that tumblr link in a fit of boredom while pretending to do my calculus homework, because it led me to the 1985 hand-animated film Angel's Egg. 

tumblr user transmissiondream said "It feels like a very...very old dream." and I am inclined to agree. It will spark deja vu at the strangest moments and is strangely familiar and very surrealist in the purest form of the word. It is also rather unsettling, and uses negative space like nobody's business to feel incredibly vast. 

The animation overall is INSANE, particularly the hair, water, and hair-in-water animation. If you thought Ariel or Rapunzel's hair was amazing, the otherworldly, watery hair of the female protagonist is mindbending. The very Gothic, grotesque sensibility is heavily visually symbolic, but while you can indeed read deep symbolism into many things/actions, it's difficult to say whether they form a coherent, understandable whole. This is the kind of film that doesn't really have a theme. It just is. It is also the kind of film that left me sitting through the entirety of the credits trying to wrap my mind around it. 

The one very minor and American issue I took with the film is that it is very slow. The first major conversation and the second sentence takes place at the 24-minute mark, and the whole thing is mostly wordless and really shows not tells. I'm not sure if I would ever watch it again, but I am definitely better off for having watched it. 

While you should legally acquire the film and buy art not drugs etc, I should mention that I watched it for free. 

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