Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Female Fan Story

The name's Bros. Kay Bros. 
I'm incredibly honored to have been invited to The Female Fan Force and really look forward to writing here. 
Both a staunch feminist and an outspoken advocate for LGBTQA* rights, I will pretentiously and confidently state that I have a strong literary background. This includes but is not limited to my high school and college lit mags, reading everything I can possibly get my hands on, and taking both English and all History APs. I have a rather formal, deeply sarcastic writing style that I will never apologize for. 
Major fandoms include Star Wars, history, mythology/fairy tales, and most sci-fi and fantasy series. I read DC, I read Marvel, I read weird indie webcomics. I have no brand loyalty whatsoever and will give almost any fandom a try but I have limited knowledge of anime, manga and video games.
My fan story starts out sad and rather triggering, but we'll ignore that part and focus on the present day. Star Wars inspired my major choice (astronomy), most of my college essays revolved around Tolkien's The Silmarillion or Star Wars, and I can confidently say that fandom as a whole has significantly improved my life for the better.

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