Monday, July 29, 2013

Alright, Alright, Stop emailing me!

I'm alive!

I am very sorry everyone for the lack of posts of recent.  College class got ahead of me (Calculus III) and I have neglected you all and you all have let me know that you noticed.

To say I'm sorry I'm going to be holding a giveaway. You can enter 1 of the following ways. You may only do each once, but you may do all of them.

1) Email me at
2) Tweet @laregista "I want to win Padme'!" and the link to this page.
3) Share on your own blog/Tumblr/Facebook page - if you have a private Facebook just screen cap it for me.  You must tweet @ me or email me that you have done this one, since I won't know.

And.....the prize.

What's a fan girl give away without a fan girl prize? This Padme' refugee action figure is from last year, has a lot of articulation and really doubles for both Padme's outfit in the Naboo senate and on the refugee transport when talking to Anakin. 

Best of Luck!  I will announce the winner on August 10th!

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