Monday, July 29, 2013

Star Wars Celeb Round Up!

I get asked a lot what Star Wars celebs I've met. I've met a bunch so I couldn't possibly post them all, but I will post my favorites.

The one and only Luke Skywalker- Mark Hamill.  Mark was so much fun when I met him.  A warm guy who really lived up to the expectations.  He even did the Joker laugh for my little brother when he asked.

Carrie Fisher- I've actually met Carrie twice, once at Celebration V which this is from and after her broadway run of Wishful Drinking where I didn't get a picture with her but she did sign my playbill. She's just awesome, so funny in person and just... Princess Leia.  I love her. 

Dave Filoni- Dave is just a great guy who I've met countless times.  I encourage all fans to approach him if you see him since he's like... the bomb.

Not a picture, but Dave drew this for me.  It's still on my wall, so freaking beautiful and I still tell him thank you every time I see him.

Last picture for today is of our (secretly favorite but don't tell anyone) fangirl- Ashley Eckstein.  Can't tell her thank you enough times.  This is one of my favorite pictures of us since we have Rotta and his Her Universe mouse ears. 

That's all for now folks, if you'd like to see my pictures with Cat Taber, Matt Lanter, James Arnold Taylor, Ray Park, Ben Burtt, Nick Gillard, Bonnie Piesse,  Amy Allen, Orli Shoshan, Jeremy Bulloch, and like so many more people just let me know.

Alright, Alright, Stop emailing me!

I'm alive!

I am very sorry everyone for the lack of posts of recent.  College class got ahead of me (Calculus III) and I have neglected you all and you all have let me know that you noticed.

To say I'm sorry I'm going to be holding a giveaway. You can enter 1 of the following ways. You may only do each once, but you may do all of them.

1) Email me at
2) Tweet @laregista "I want to win Padme'!" and the link to this page.
3) Share on your own blog/Tumblr/Facebook page - if you have a private Facebook just screen cap it for me.  You must tweet @ me or email me that you have done this one, since I won't know.

And.....the prize.

What's a fan girl give away without a fan girl prize? This Padme' refugee action figure is from last year, has a lot of articulation and really doubles for both Padme's outfit in the Naboo senate and on the refugee transport when talking to Anakin. 

Best of Luck!  I will announce the winner on August 10th!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

SWAT is live!

Del Rey, the publisher of Star Wars fiction, has come up with this really cool site that allows you to earn rewards and cool prizes!  I'd check it out if you are a fan as some of the prizes are very cool!