Saturday, March 10, 2012

Trish: "Without John Carter There would be no Star Wars" (via IGN)

This weekend, "John Carter" was released.  Last Monday, I was able to attend an advanced screening of the movie.  I did not know much of the history of this story and went into it not knowing what to expect.  It was amazing!  I loved it.  It was so well done!  I came home wanting to know more!  I stumbled across this great article over at IGN.  It is a wonderful Sci-Fi history lesson.  Check it out!  And if you have not see the movie it!  You will not be disappointed!


  1. cool i honestly have not even considered seeing this movie but the more i hear about it the better it sounds. and that was a super cool article. great post

  2. i agree with jedigal. i have yet to see the movie but so looking 4ward 2 the dvd. :)

  3. When I was a kid, I used to read my dad's other Edgar Rice Burroughs novels (journeys inside Earth or to other planets) and I loved them so much more than Tarzan. Wonder whether Lucas read them too. I'd love to see this movie but no one else in my family is interested. Intrigued to see how they managed the aliens with four arms - to have the second pair not seem superfluous.