Friday, February 10, 2012

Trish: TPM Memories...

It was May 18th 1999....I got off work at 5:30...went home...ate some dinner w/ the husband and my 6-month old son.  Then, my husband's best friend came over to watch our baby for the night (he had never baby sat any child before..haha..and we were leaving him with our first born for an all nighter!)...and we headed down to the local theater to wait in line for the midnight show.  I was sooooooo excited!  It was so fun to be in line for a NEW Star Wars movie!!!  I remember getting goosebumps right from the start...the Lucasfilm Logo, the opening crawl!  I did love it!  In fact, the following week, our family was in Chicago, visiting the in-laws, and we saw it again w/ our baby.  I think something happened to him during that showing.  The kid has been obsessed with all things Star Wars ever since!  No Kidding!  He could hum the theme song before he could talk!
Now, here we are, 13 years later...I have a teenager and 3 more little Star Wars fans and we are about to see it on the big screen in 3D!  It's more than just excitement at seeing the movie again.  It's about sharing this experience with my kids.  I am so grateful to George Lucas and his family friendly movie making!  I hope to share a review with you after we see it tomorrow....
Until then, enjoy these memories that celebrities shared on The Official Star Wars Blog.

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