Saturday, February 25, 2012

Trish: Cute Adventure Time Mash-up T-Shirt (via FashionablyGeek)

I love this so much!  2 Family Favorites wrapped up into 1!
Visit Fashionably Geek for product information.
What time is it?.....A long time ago, ....

Monday, February 20, 2012

Trish: The Lone Costume Party

Last week, my husband and I were in Chicago celebrating Valentines Day.  We asked my Brother-in-law to house/dog sit while we were away.  Here's what happens when you leave a 25 year old by himself with all your kids Star Wars toys....Enjoy!
(click the pic for the slideshow)

The Lone Costume Party
By the way...he's single...and awesome!  Let me know if you're interested!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Trish: 'Nerdist News' to interview Ashley Eckstein

Nerdist News (formerly GeekChicDaily) is interviewing Mrs. Eckstein tomorrow 2/20/2012.  If you don't subscribe to their newsletter already, click HERE to get signed up.  You can also head over to their FB Page to get regular updates.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Trish: "What I actually do..." (via Surfing Trooper FB page)

Facebook has had lots of these little pix floating around about all sorts of different subjects.  This is one of my favorites (shared on Surfing Trooper's FB Page):

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Trish: TPM 3D Review

 Yesterday, I loaded up the kids and headed up to Tustin, CA to the AMC 14 at The District.  They were the closest theater to us that was having a special event to go along with the movie.  The local 501st was there to welcome us in the lobby after we grabbed our tickets and Podracer 3D glasses.  
The lobby was full of fun things for us to do while we waited for our 12:45 showing.  We got to put together lego squares for a cool Episode I themed mural-
 There was also face painting-
 And I didn't get a picture of us playing, but my daughter and I got to play the pod racing portion of the new Star Wars Kinect game.  It was awesome!
Here's my little girl sporting her Padme HU shirt and her Ahsoka lightsaber while hanging with the lovely ladies of the 501st: 
Once we had participated in all the fun, we went and got a good spot in line.  The theater also gave us these cool new toys from Hasbro, Star Wars Fighter Pods.

 I set up a little battle arena with our lightsabers, so that all the kids in line could battle while we waited:
 The little figures in the pods are so cute!  (My daughter is too!)
 OK-Movie Time.....It was So. Much. Fun!  The 3D, to me, was OK.  Just that...OK.  It was definitely cool and very clear.  But it just didn't WOW me.  But seeing this movie, on the big screen, with my kids was the best!  I think I spent more time actually watching the looks on their faces, than I did the movie.  And, ok, I have probably seen this movie 100 times, and still cried when Anakin leaves his mom AND when Qui-Gon died.  I also got goosebumps during the opening crawl and during the Darth Maul fight scenes.  Everyone cheered at the end and my kids LOVED it!  Totally worth the hour drive...
Here's the (almost) finished Lego mural as we left the theater-
 It was such a great way to celebrate opening weekend....Thank You AMC 14!  We had a great time!
One last family shot
So.... What did you think?  What did you do?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Trish: TPM Memories...

It was May 18th 1999....I got off work at 5:30...went home...ate some dinner w/ the husband and my 6-month old son.  Then, my husband's best friend came over to watch our baby for the night (he had never baby sat any child before..haha..and we were leaving him with our first born for an all nighter!)...and we headed down to the local theater to wait in line for the midnight show.  I was sooooooo excited!  It was so fun to be in line for a NEW Star Wars movie!!!  I remember getting goosebumps right from the start...the Lucasfilm Logo, the opening crawl!  I did love it!  In fact, the following week, our family was in Chicago, visiting the in-laws, and we saw it again w/ our baby.  I think something happened to him during that showing.  The kid has been obsessed with all things Star Wars ever since!  No Kidding!  He could hum the theme song before he could talk!
Now, here we are, 13 years later...I have a teenager and 3 more little Star Wars fans and we are about to see it on the big screen in 3D!  It's more than just excitement at seeing the movie again.  It's about sharing this experience with my kids.  I am so grateful to George Lucas and his family friendly movie making!  I hope to share a review with you after we see it tomorrow....
Until then, enjoy these memories that celebrities shared on The Official Star Wars Blog.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trish: New Her Universe Shirt and Earrings Available...

The New Star Wars By Her Universe products will be available starting this Friday Feb. 10th on our website! The Queen shirt and the Naboo earrings! - (via Her Universe FB Page)

Trish: TPM...Stop with the hating!

OK...I get why George Lucas has said he no longer wants to make a blockbuster film.  Leading up to TPM's 3D Theatrical Release, I have been on so many sites and blogs where people are just down right mean.
I will admit, that the prequels are not my favorite, but because of them, my children have been able to grow up with a love of Star Wars.  Because of the prequels, we get to enjoy TCW and more EU novels and comics.  
I'm excited about seeing the movie this weekend!  There is nothing better than movies you love on the big screen.  If you don't like it, don't go see it!  And stop it with the meanness...because "mean people suck!" (words of wisdom).  That is my little opinion rant for the day....Thank You!