Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trish: GeekMom

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I love that I am not the only mom out there, that reads Star Wars EU Novels to my kids at night.  That takes all 4 of them to Comic-Con every year, in matching Star Wars shirts.  I also taught my youngest his ABC's from the Star Wars ABC Book.  My oldest son and I talk strategy for SWTOR while driving to and from school.  My 8 year old is named  Luke.  When I was in the hospital, after his birth, the nurse loved his name...saying "What a beautiful Biblical name...".  I was like Biblical?  I hadn't even thought of that!  He's named after Luke Skywalker, of course! daughter was very happy to read that other girls mix Star Wars Action Figures and Barbie.  Except, her Barbies hang out with Stormtroopers and R2!

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