Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Trish: Wishing for Jedi Mind Tricks and Fun Wallpaper

I have been MIA the last few weeks, because school and work have resumed in my household.  And this year has been an especially difficult year, so far.  My daughter's 4th grade class, has already been through 3 teachers, and a new one starts tomorrow.  All because of mistakes made by the School District.  I so wish I was a jedi and had the power of the jedi mind trick.  This could have all gone away a week ago, and my daughter would still have her most favoritist (i know that's not a word...) teacher back! 

On a happier note.....look what I stumbled accross today:
Officially Licensed Star Wars Wallpaper!!!!
Check out our friend Amy Ratcliffe's article over at Nerd Approved for product information and links.

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