Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Trish: "Star Wars Insider" August Issue

Do you subscribe to Star Wars Insider?  We have been for getting it for quite some time and LOVE it! Starting with this issue, they have begun "an ongoing series of features looking at different and diverse aspects of the saga.  Han shot first (from a certain point of view), so it's only fair that he's the first in the series!"
But if Han Solo is not your thing (whatever.....), here are some other highlights from this month's issue:
  • A profile of Han Solo kicks off this 100-page issue - we investigate the ongoing love affair with Star Wars' greatest scoundrel, and explain why Han is still the man!
  • An Star Tours exclusive - the making of the ride of a lifetime. Plus, Anthony Daniels explains why the ride has put Threepio back in action
  • Author Timothy Zahn on the Expanded Universe, the latest books and comics under the spotlight, plus an exclusive extract from the forthcoming novel, The Old Republic: Revan!
  • The incredible true story behind the making of the Star Wars radio drama, 'My Star Wars with artist Greg Hildebrandt, plus much more
If you are not a subscriber, I suggest you become one!  You can subscribe on-line at titanmagazines.com.  Or, you can always pick up the latest issue at your favorite book store or magazine stand!  Enjoy!



    I sadly am not a subscriber, but I buy the magazine every time it comes out in the store. ;) I just got this one and it is AMAZING!!!!! I had my mom read it, because she LOVES Han Solo. XDDDD Me, I'm more of a Luke girl. ;) But Han is DEFINITELY still the man. :)

  2. I got this in the mail the other day (I have a subscription) and I loved it! Han is totally still the man!

    I really like this magazine and enjoy reading it!