Friday, July 8, 2011

Trish: "Vote Now!, Vote Now!"

Voting for this year's 'Star Wars' Fan Movie Challenge, is now open!
"Below are the names of the 22 finalist videos for the Star WarsFan Movie Challenge. These videos can be watched and voted for at
Voting for the 2011 Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge "Audience Choice Award" is now open.
"A Light in the Darkness - Part One"
"Bounty Hunter II: Pit of Carkoon"
"Chronicles of Young Skywalker Episode IV The Dark Knight"
"Clone Pirates in The Tentacle Trap"
"Denial of Self"
"Jawa Stories Episode I - Redux"
"Knights of the Old Republic: Shadows of Corruption"
"Star Wars: Death Troopers 2"
"Solo Forever"
"Space Wars: Return of the Dark Hand"
"Star Wars 2D: The Hunt of the Jedi"
"Star Wars: Solace"
"Star Wars: Hunter"
"Star Wars: The Unsung Heroes of The Empire Strikes Back"
"Star Wars: Unlimited Power"
"The Jedi Child"
"The Jedi Fate I"
"The Rise of Boba Fett"
"The Star Wars Song (You Are A Jedi)"
"The Unconscious Sith Strikes Back"
"Turning to the Dork Side"
"Will of the Force Trailer" 
For all the updates on finalists, announcements, and more, check out the Star Wars Fan Movie Blog posts or the Star Wars info page for official details."

For the announcement and more details, visit
And I will personally be at the award ceremony, Thursday July 21st at SDCC and will give you a full report!

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