Saturday, July 23, 2011

Trish: DAY 2 (Star Wars Day)

 On Fridays, I bring all the kids.  Last year, I only got to bring 2, but this year all 4 were able to join me.  I like to make us matching t-shirts, so that we are easily identified as a group.  I can keep a better eye on all of us this way.  A security guard complimented me, by telling me that they took a vote and voted me the smartest mom at the con!  Woo Hoo!  It's also fun because everyone seems to love the Jedi Crest and our "titles" on the back of the shirts.

We spend most of our day on the Exhibit Hall Floor, visiting the carefully mapped out, mom approved booths.  We did and saw so much, but I'll just share the Star Wars Highlights:

#1 - Meeting Ashley!  My daughter was not with us last year and missed out on the chance to meet her hero-Ahsoka.  So, that was our first stop.  Ashley was so great and took a couple minutes to chat with my little girl and even gave her an autograph.  We purchased the Padme Nouveau (Skywalker) shirt and she was on a Star Wars Geek Girl high all day!

 #2 - My baby's 1st Con!  This was my youngest's first ever Comic-Con.  He LOVED it!  Here he is with his favorite Star Wars character-Boba Fett (Lego Booth).
#3- MEETING LANDO!!!  At the Mimoco booth, we got the chance to meet Billy Dee Williams and get his autograph.  My kids asked him some questions about playing Lando and then we got this awesome pic!  The guy is so smooth.....(this was probably my favorite part of the day!)
 #4-Getting to demo Star Wars The Old Republic w/ a "Quick Queue" pass!
 .....Playing the game....He looks so cute w/ the headset on...
...AND he got a shirt for playing...(highlight of his day, for sure!)

It was a great day!  Here are some more fun shots from the day:


  1. Adorable kids!! Looks like you guys had a very fun time. I love the picture with your daughter in the Emperor's chair.

    I got to meet Billy Dee last year at Star Wars Weekends. He's a pretty cool guy!!

  2. You have an awesome family! I wish you were MY mom :)