Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trish: My Star Tours Review...

Yep, last Thursday night, I was all prepared to load up the kids early Friday morning and head to Disneyland for the Grand Opening of 'Star Tours The Adventures Continue'.  Then I checked the calendar and realized that our passes were blocked out that day! BOO!!!!!  I was soooooooo sad...
So, we headed up first thing Monday morning instead.
I knew the line would be long, so we got there right at 8:00 AM and I threw the kids into the 75 minute wait.  I ran over to the fast pass station and got passes for later on (10:40-11:40).
The wait was wonderful.  We were so excited and met such wonderful fans in the line.
Once inside, we were blown away by how nice and new everything looked.  We loved the new screen with weather reports and travel commercials.  R2 and Threepio looked so shiny and happy to see us!
The new droids and recordings and all the fun new things to see on the way up to the shuttle dock were really entertaining.
Then, we got our flight glasses and were sent to the waiting area.  I was impressed with the new instructional video prior to boarding and complimented the cast members on their new uniforms, as well.

BOARDING TIME.....we sat and got to see C-3PO take his seat in the captain chair and then we were off!  Flying after the Millennium Falcon out of the hangar and into a fire fight before heading on down to Hoth.  What a rush!  After making it through a battle and a race course through the snow, we were interrupted by Admiral Ackbar who told us to take the rebel spy to the rendezvous point.  Through hyperspace we went to Naboo.  Through another battle, a hangar and the undersea world of the Gungans.  As we tried to head back to the surface, we were caught in the mouth of a huge sea monster!  We ended our flight with a crash landing.  It felt so real, my daughter said she thought glass was going to shoot out all over her!

Once off the ride, we headed for the Star Trader.  We had to purchase some launch merchandise and we like always, played at the photo counter!

When we headed back to the ride with our fast passes, the wait was only 20 minutes!!!  This time our flight began with Darth Vader trying to grasp us, but we escaped and headed once again to Hoth, but then received a transmission from Princess Leia. ("Star Tours, You're My Only Hope")  We shot through hyperspace and found ourselves in a fire fight above Coruscant.  We entered the planet and went on a wild ride before finally landing on a platform. 

Everyone on the ride was yelling, screaming and laughing.  Once the ride ended, everyone clapped and cheered.  It was THRILLING!

By noon, the fast passes were sold out for the day and the standby line was up to a 3 hour wait.  We decided not to try again (w/ 4 kids that's a rough wait).
It was a good day.  I love the new ride and can't wait to return again and see what new adventures await us!

So, have you been?  Where did you get to go?

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  1. That sounds epic - I'm jealous! I've just gone back to university, so it's going to be years before I can make the long trek to Florida again. I will have to settle for living vicariously through blogs. :P