Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trish: Happy Geek Pride / Star Wars (in LA) Day!

It's May 25th!  Back in 2007, I was at Celebration 4 in Los Angeles with my son.  I was there on May 25th, when Mayor Villaragosa and the City council declared this day "Star Wars" day.  It was also the 30th Anniversary of the release of ANH.
This is my son at the Opening Ceremony-Kick off Party eating his 30th Anniversary Cake (w/ podracer face paint) <-----------.
So, slap on the Star Wars Gear with pride today!  It's been 34 years of Star Wars!  Woo Hoo!
(it's also my 15th Wedding Anniversary today...yay!)
And for more fun...check out this article from our friends over at Fashionably Geek.
Enjoy the Day Everyone!

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