Saturday, May 14, 2011

'Happy Birthday George Lucas!'

-Stephen Hayford


  1. On a personal note:
    4 years ago, we moved and my son had a very hard time at his new school. He was miserable and kids were so mean to him. I wrote a letter to Mr. Lucas explaining my son's situation and how happy Star Wars makes my son. My son received a very loving and supportive letter back, just a few weeks later. My son cherishes that letter and I know it helped him to know that his idol cared enough to respond. Thanks George! Happy Birthday!

  2. George really wrote back to your son? That's amazing! I'd love to see that letter if you ever get the chance. When I saw him at Celebration he was just so ...gracious maybe is the right word. I was so impressed and happy to find that he wasnt the typical hollywood nose in the air type. But I don't think George has ever been "Hollywood"