Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trish: What is it about a lightsaber?

I took my son to Toys R Us today to spend his birthday money.
We went through each aisle and he saw many different things that he wanted.
Then ,we hit the Star Wars section, and everything else went back to their shelves.
Now, being a mom, I had to ask, "Don't we already have this one?"
(With 4 kids, we have 15+ lightsabers already!)
But, the reply was "Nope!"
I asked (a couple of times), "Are you sure this is what you truly want?"
The reply being "Yep!"
So, we left the store and headed home to open it up and check it out.
In the box, we were so excited to find a DVD of Lightsaber Battles AND a code for the online game- Star Wars the Clone Wars Adventures.
OK-now it was mommy's turn to get excited.
So what if we already have so many of these things!  They DO get played with more than any other toy in the house.  My oldest son is dueling with my youngest, as I type this.  
So, you tell me....WHAT IS IT ABOUT LIGHTSABERS...that makes them so much cooler than anything else?!

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  1. Dunno. But I want a pair of RED lightsaber earrings! lol