Friday, April 15, 2011

Trish: 'Hoppy' Star Wars Easter! (lots of links...)

Easter is little more than a week away!!  And I found some fun sites to put some Star Wars into your Holiday!

 Over at, they posted that these eggs can be found at Walmart for $5.00.
OK-This basket is my favorite!  It comes to us from 
 And, of course, the amazingly talented Katie Cook has come up with these cuties <-------.
You can download the craft HERE.
Over at TFN, they shared these pics and more of these gorgeous painted eggs by artist Amy Pronovost.

Of course, there is always the easy way....Amazon.  They have a great selection of different baskets and items  to fill them with!  Just thought I would share these great finds with you!  And - don't forget the egg decorating kit.  (Which I found at my local grocery store and Target).  Enjoy your holiday and don't forget to thank the easter bunny "Bock-Bock"!

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