Monday, April 4, 2011

Jess: Star Tours 2 News

First off: Hi everyone, I'm back! My life has been super hectic lately but I'm still here. Special Kudos to Trish and everyone else for making sure we stay a strong force in Star Wars fandom.

Second: just launched the coolest Star Tours 2 website and you should all check it out!

Thirdly....and this is perhaps my biggest news.

I will be at the opening the first weekend. Now I will not be there on May 20th, and my plane lands around 7 on the 21st so it looks like I will be covering May 22nd. I will also be covering Star Wars Weekends that day as well as the following Friday/Saturday. I can't wait! I promise to bring you as much cool coverage as I did at Celebration. Hopefully I'll have a few surprises for you as well.

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