Monday, February 7, 2011

Trish: Cheers! Natalie Portman...

A Not-So-Long Time Ago...

Natalie Portman got the role of a lifetime (according to me....i wouldn't mind cozying up w/ Hayden Christensen), as Padme Amidala.  Wife of Anakin, Mother of Luke and Leia, Queen, Senator, Beautiful and Strong.

Ms. Portman has recently won a SAG and a Golden Globe for her role in 'Black Swan'. She's currently nominated for an 'Oscar' for the role as well.  She's also engaged and will soon be a mommy.

As a little tribute to her, I dug up this little gem:

Congratulations Natalie Portman!  Thanks for the Memories!

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  1. Ms. Portman is stunning. Really. She is my favorite actress of all time!!

    And that kid who gets her as a mommy is pure lucky!