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Jess: The Clone Wars Review: Overlords *Major Spoilers*

So I usually don't do this, but this episode warrants it. I had a twitter conversation with Eric of TheForce.Net (Read all his The Clone Wars reviews Here) and we agreed that this will probably be the most dissected Clone Wars trilogy, probably until, you know next weeks episode. I have a lot of opinions on it, so I'm going to share them because apparently everyone loves hearing this fangirl's opinions.....

I want to start off by saying my opinions are going to vary probably from yours, which is totally okay with me. Please don't take offense if I say something that you don't agree with. I couldn't help but notice Dunc from Club Jade took some flack on Twitter for calling the episode "fan-ficcy/not in a good way". First off, if you don't know the wonderful people at Club Jade-you should.When I first was introduced to Star Wars in 2005 their site was one of the first I follow majorly because they where women (I believe there is 1 guy "Club Jader" but don't quote me) and I being a fellow snarky girl, related to a lot of what they posted. I met one of their members (I really am bad with names, but I want to say it was Liz) at Celebration V who was probably one of the nicest people I have like ever met. Point of this story- I don't agree with Club Jade's opinions and you may not agree with mine. Respect is a huge part of fandom.

Okay- now onto the episode. Cue sarcasm. I just took notes in sequential order, but for arguments sake I have lumped them into different topics. They are in a logical thinking order.

Qui-Gon was cool having Liam Neeson back. But here's my thing- I'm not completely positive it was Qui-Gon's force ghost. I mean, the scene is followed by visions created by Son and Daughter. I think it's very likely that Father could have created the vision to Obi-Wan.I thought I saw Qui-Gon's eyes turn black toward the ends of his talk with Obi-Wan- Not positive but it's just a little thought. Other than the novelty of Qui-Gon being back I don't feel like he provided too much information other than Anakin would be able to discover whether or not he was the Chosen One.

Ahsoka Vision
To be honest, I think there is no substance to this other than being fodder/fore boding for the future. I don't think it related to this trilogy. It gave no revelations other than something most fans expect-that Ahsoka is likely going to die because she is Anakin's student. Cool, maybe. But I'm not going to dwell on this scene. It's cool. I get it. But I don't think it serves a purpose. It does however point toward something else that I will discuss is Father/Daughter/Son topic


When this episode was first unveiled to have these 3 characters everyone, myself included, made the assumption that Father was a neutral being, Daughter was a Light side user, and Son was a Dark Side user. After watching this episode I can't say I believe that anymore. I feel like Son and Daughter, while having outward appearences of being Dark and Light, are equals. I can't see how Daughter could kidnap Obi-Wan and be a "Light Side" user. Yes, she obeys Father but something just isn't right with them being opposites. In fact, Son was the one that informed Ahsoka and Obi-Wan that the night was deadly, not Daughter. Daughter just left them there after Anakin touched her( I still don't get that....). In my opinion, Son and Daughter must be equals, that parallel each other. One does not "reign" the Dark side and the other the Light Side. I think in order to decipher this episode, we cannot think of them that way. It's far too obvious. We definitely don't know everything there is to know about these two.

Shmi Vision
I knew immediately from the "guilt" themed fortune cookie that Shmi/Tusken Raiders had to be some sort of plot point. Let's talk about Shmi's first. The emphasis from early on is blame. She says not to "let guilt define Anakin". All things you'd imagine Shmi would say to Anakin. And then we get to this bomb. "The only thing I love is haunted by what would happen should I let go." "Then it is not love. It's a prison". And then we get that whole "I am your fate" thing. My opinions on this continue into the topic "Anakin's Duty"

Mortis Itself
So Rex is at the coordinates, and Anakin + crew are at the coordinates...but they don't see each other...let's use our brains here. Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka wake up on a "planet" after being knocked out. This planet is called "Mortis". Mortis guys. Mortis. Mortis. Rigor Mortis. Death. In my opinion, there is no doubt that Mortis is not a feasible place. I am thinking a sort of Force Limbo or, dare I say it, purgatory.

Anakin's Place/Father

At the end of the Episode, Father tells Anakin that he is supposed to stay and replace Father. Anakin refuses. This whole revelation seemed strange to me at first. Father can obviously control both Son and Daughter- so why isn't Father the Chosen One as well? I don't have an answer.
More to ponder.At first it seemed really stupid to me that all this prophecy was was that Anakin is supposed to watch 2 Force "Freaks" and prevent them from ripping the universe apart. Seems so un-Star Wars. Then I remembered that Mortis isn't a real place, so Anakin can't really stay at Mortis. So suppose Anakin said yes to Father. I think a good conclusion is that Anakin would be accepting his destiny as The Chosen One. But didn't Son/Shmi imply that accepting his destiny would mean losing Padme'. Or did Son imply that because Anakin isn't accepting his destiny, she will not be his fate. However hidden under cryptic dialouge, the second seems correct to me. Both this vision and the Ahsoka vision are very much "Christmas Yet To Come" to me. Stay on the path you are on and this will be your future.
I pondered this for a little while....and then I remembered.....

Yeah. This makes sense now. As we all know, Anakin has problems letting go. (major sarcasm alert) If Anakin was had just chilled out and was like "eh. maybe Padme will die, maybe she won't. What ever happens happens, I'm accepting it either way" it's pretty obvious Padme' would have lived and he wouldn't have turned to the Dark Side. But this isn't a Revenge of the Sith discussion. It's an Overlords discussion.
So theoretically, in my opinion, if Anakin accepted his duty as The Chosen One on Mortis, I don't think it's serving a life sentence of force baby sitting. There would be a real world consequence to Anakin's acceptance. Perhaps it's inside Anakin. Perhaps it's inside the force.

The Future

Obviously, most, if not all, of this is not going to be factual. What we do know from the preview for next week is that they don't get off the planet. I really think at the end of the third episode in this trilogy it is all going to have been a dream/vision thing. There are some parallels between the Father/Son/Daughter I believe in, but I think I'll talk about that at a later point. I'll give you a hint though Luke/Anakin/ that order.

Opinions on the Episode

Like every Clone Wars episode before it, it has some pacing flaws. The only one I find without such flaws is "Trespass". I am not on that "Landing at Point Rain" or "Rookies" bandwagon. Overall, I really loved it. I'm not going to lie. I discovered Star Wars in 2005, making me a relativly new fan. To me, Star Wars is the main characters in the film. I read lots of EU, but when something expands on a character like say Anakin Skywalker, I care. I say it all the time- I'm not a big clone fan. I like the politics episodes. But I like nothing more than expansion on existing characters(see my love of The Mandalore Trilogy). Don't take this as I don't want to learn about new characters, because I do. But this is my niche'- respect it. This episode felt like Star Wars to me by the end of it.

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Jess: SWFFF Exclusive Interview with Veronica Segura!

EDIT FRIDAY NIGHT: Everyone's Questions that were posted before this post have been received. If you are reading this, you can still put them below. I'll extend till Sunday since we have been receiving a lot

I am hosting an interview with Veronica Segura, who played Corde' in Episode 2 Attack of the Clones. If you guys have any questions for her, post them below or you can email me at Cut off for questions is Friday January 28th, 2011

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Trish: NFL Playoffs and Star Wars

I know I have posted football related posts before.  AND, I know this is a week late, but I am excited about this weekend's playoff line-up.  I'm also a little excited about the Jets.  Last week, the Jets beat the Patriots and the New York Post ran this picture.  Check out the article for the break down!  Oh...and GO JETS!  (And DA BEARS!)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trish: Did you hear? Did you hear?...

You probably already heard, BUT...I was so excited about the announcement, I had to share it again with all of you.  Liam Neeson is back!  Check out EW's article about Qui-Gon Ginn's appearance in 'Star Wars:  The Clone Wars'.  Watch the clip and let out a nice big "SQUEE!" like I did!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trish: GeekChic Daily's post - Dr. Seuss, Star Wars Style

I came across this post over at GeekChic Daily.  Check out artist Adam Watson's "Dr. Seuss Does Star Wars".
This is the perfect mix for my 7-year old.  His 2 favorites together!

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Jess: Her Universe Discontinues and Sale

Just an FYI,

I asked Her Universe if the Plo/Ahsoka shirt was being discontinued......which it is.....

Good News is a SALE is coming soon, so start saving now .

Saturday, January 8, 2011

 Wow!  2011 is already looking to be a fun and fantastic year for Star Wars Fans!  After last night's episode of  "Star Wars-The Clone Wars", I'm so excited to see what's next!  One Word:  NIGHTSISTERS!

There are a few more things coming out this year that I'm REALLY excited about!  I thought I'd share them with you:
FIRST:  On January 26, 2011, you can get your hands on this new comic from one of my favorite writers, Haden Blackman.  He wrote the stories for both "Star Wars Galaxies" and "The Force Unleashed" games.  Check out these reviews from Newsarama and
Darth Vader and The Lost Command
This week, Legoland announced a new Star Wars attraction for their parks.  It will be part of their Mini-land and you will have the opportunity to walk through each of the six episodes.  It is set to open on March 31, 2011.  Here's a link for more information:,0,1419576.story
 This year marks the 20th Anniversary for "Heir to the Empire".  This was one of the very first EU novels I ever read and got me hooked!  Del Rey announced that this June, they will release a special anniversary edition.  To find out more, check out:
 I will be attending my 8th SDCC this summer!  Not sure of what to expect out of the panels this year, but I'm really excited to already have my tickets.  If you haven't heard, they have been unsuccessful with selling the single day tickets so far.  I'll keep you posted and let you know when you can expect to get your hands on those!  OR you can check for yourself at:
 This September, we can look forward to getting our hands on the complete Star Wars saga on Blu-ray.  See what our friends at are saying about it:
And finally, this Fall, Star Tours is set to reopen at Disney Parks.  You can check out this video on the Disney Parks Blog.  My family and I are so excited for this and we got Annual Passes for Christmas!

What am I missing?  Let us know what Star Wars happenings you're looking forward to this year!