Monday, November 8, 2010

Trish: Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame - Seattle, WA

I was in Seattle this past weekend, visiting my BFF, and on my way to the Space Needle, I happened upon this little Museum
 If you are a fan of all things Sci-Fi, this place has it all!  I was very excited to find so many exhibits dedicated to Star Wars.  The place is dedicated to sharing the entire history of Science Fiction and it's influence on the world.
 The Museum also houses the Science Fiction Hall of Fame.  And look who I found on the wall:
 Many of the exhibits are interactive!  You could check out a model of the Death Star and push a button that would play "The Imperial March". 
 One of my favorite spots was this Space Ship/Vessel Informational display.  You could pull up any ship from your favorite Sci-Fi movies and get a full run-down on the ship and they would show up on this huge screen:
(It's quite dark inside, that is a shot of an X-Wing)
So, if you're ever in the Seattle area, check this place out!  I had a great time and enjoyed buying some fun Star Wars prizes for my kids in the Museum Gift Shop.
For more pics of the SFM-Visit my other blog.(Click on the Tash & Trish's Excellent Adventure Album link)


  1. You mean they have a museum for everything wonderful in the world?

    I must go!

  2. This sounds like a PERFECT place. Thanks for the heads-up! :D