Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trish: Star Wars Mommy recommendations...

I'm starting to get in the holiday shopping mode.  With 4 kids, it aint easy and it aint cheap! So if you have a pre-school age child or buddy, I thought I might share some great gift ideas!  Up top is the Star Wars Electronic Jr.  Laptop.  This is about 3 years old!  I bought it for my now, 7 year old when he was 4.  It has the coolest little learning games!  And C-3PO is the narrator.  I know on Amazon, they have the Darth Vader or Clone Trooper versions.   
And tonight as I was putting my 4-year old to bed, he wanted to read me his favorite book.  That would be his "Star Wars" ABC book.  He goes around telling people- " A is for Anakin" or  "M is for Millenium Falcon".  I purchased this book from Amazon for under $10.  (Stocking Stuffer?)
Now that I've shared a couple with you, do you have any new things I should consider for my little guy this year?  

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