Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jess: Interview with Ashley Eckstein from NYCC

Beginning of our NYCC coverage!

The audio still needs to be fixed, but there is a transcript posted if you cannot hear at the bottom of this page as well as on the youtube description.

We discuss Ashley's convention experiences, the future of the current line, future licences( SyFy network for the win!), the infamous Mara Jade tee among other things

Other news not from the video:
I got to see some prototypes for the line, which aren't Lucasfilm approved yet so I can't show them to you guys but AMAZING.
Ashley and Dan seem to think that they are done with the current Rebel Alliance necklace. They have a new jewelry designer and we can expect to see a lot more symbols in the future
In the future they want to make more Convention Exclusive items, like the Celebration V necklace. Since I'd imagine that some of us will want things not offered at conventions we are attending, I think I will start up a wait/help list for those. I know Dan mentioned SDCC and next years NYCC. Perhaps I can help people out with NYCC necklaces if they pick me up a SDCC one.

I have some other news as well, but I wanted to get this up for you guys. Transcript it posted below for reference


J: Hi Everybody, We're here with Ashley

A: Hi!

J: It's been one whole convention season for you with the Her Universe Line. What has your reaction been to it?

A: It's been amazing. The Support. The Fans. It's been overwhelming. Between Celebration where we first chatted and Dragon Con and San Diego Comic Con. And it's been amazing, the support from all the fans.

J: Do you find the fans come from a specific area or do they vary coming from all ages and genders?

A: It's really been because our first line is Star Wars, a lot of Star Wars fans and it's been both genders. We've had so many guys who are excited to buy for their significant other or their sister or mom or girlfriend, so that's worked really nice. And then of course the women. We're really creating a community of women and you've been fantastic. Thank you for all of your support. And for spreading the word. And it's just, we are creating a community here.

J: Whose idea was the message board?

A: It was mine. Cause I felt our blog was a bit one sided and we couldn't really have the dialogue going on the comments on the blog. So I wanted to take what was happening on the blog and make it more of an open dialogue. So I felt we needed a message board for that

J: When can we expect to see new merchandise?

A: Well you will see a couple of new things for the holidays. Some come Cyber Monday you will see, that is the monday after Thanksgiving, you will see the new items on our website. And then definitely in the spring, I don't have an exact date probably March/April. We will have probably at least half of our line completely gone and we will have new items. Some items we will keep just because they have been doing so well and some people just haven't gotten them and we will have new Star Wars lines and we are also expanding. It's, it's a definite. We're announcing it next week.

J: I hope it's something I follow. Can we assume it's sci-fi/fantasy?

A: Yes

J: I was talking to your fellow cast member, Anna Graves, who plays Duchess Satine and she has a little daughter, and she was wondering if you will be carrying kid's clothes?

A: Yes, we will be carrying kid's clothes but not little kids. Yeah, we won't be doing babies or toddlers right away but we will be definitely offering our Ahsoka Chibi and our Daddy's Little Girl in kids sizes hopefully sometime soon.

J:She also requested Duchess Satine merchandise too, but she said that's optional.

A: I would love a Satine Necklace.

J: I love her earrings, I think they would translate into a necklace well, She's got a fantastic costume with those flowers sticking out of her head.
A: I love her costume, completely love it.

J: I actually think next week you guys share an episode, right?
A: Yes, it's a good episode for Ahsoka.

J: I have to ask you this question because an onslaught of people are asking about it. What's up with the Mara Jade tee, is it happening, is it not?

A: I kinda opened up my mouth too soon. It is going to happen. I don't have a date for how soon yet. I still don't have a design for it but I'm definitely talking to artists. It's definitely going to happen I just don't have a date. I kinda made it sound like it was happening tomorrow but I wish it was but it's not. But hopefully, I would say next year I will push it forward so I will keep you updated. The second we start designing I will let the fans know.

J: She is so popular for never being in a movie.

A: I can guarantee you she will be the first like expanded universe character that we do.

J: Awesome. I think that's about it, so thank you- I'm sure we will see each other soon.

A: Absolutely. Thank you for you and your support. It's been fantastic. We wouldn't be hear with out the support of the fans.

J: Well. We love you guys and it's where my paycheck goes every week so...

A: (laughing) I'm sorry about that!

J: It's okay, it's well worth it. See you guys, Bye!

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