Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Amy: The Jedi Path

The Jedi Path was released last week.  It is as cool as it looks.  The presentation is amazing.  You press a button on the top and the vault opens, the platform lifts, and tada - the secrets of becoming a Jedi are at your fingertips.  The book is equally amazing; in fact, I would gladly take it and leave the vault if I had to make a choice.  The cover feels like leather and the pages look straight out of ancient tome.  The margins are filled with notes from Yoda, Ahsoka, and many other names you'll recognize.  Small artifacts are placed within the pages.  You can find a padawan's braid, a coin, a patch, and lots of extra inserts.  The pages are filled with valuable instructions.  It's a necessity for anyone wanting to learn the secrets.

I have to admit that at first, the price deterred me.  It's not cheap, but neither is what you're getting.  It truly is a quality product; it's obvious that a lot of thought went into the design and layout.  And it is really fun to show your friends (well, as long as they're Star Wars fans) and amaze them.  The most inexpensive place I've found to get it is Amazon.  It's $60 and if you can wait a few days to receive it, you can pick the free super saving shipping option.


  1. My son's bday is next month and that is the first thing on his list...along with an efx lightsaber! I can't wait to get it for him-so that I can check it out!

  2. Thanks for the great review Amy! Fans looking for more behind-the-scenes stuff and videos relating to the Jedi Path can find a lot of stuff on my blog at