Friday, September 3, 2010

Jess: Mara Jade Tee coming for Her Universe Next Spring/Summer! (Plus how to help out Shannon McRandle and get an autograph in the process)

Further proof that Ashley Eckstein is our savior sent to us from Lucasfilm heaven. Our prayers(but mostly mine) have been answered.

Out of Dragon*Con- A Mara Jade Tee will be joining Her Universe's line-up next Spring/Summer.


Okay, so I have been informed we have readers as young as 11 (which is AWESOME, btw) so I can't use the words I would normally use to describe something like this happening.

For those of you sitting around and don't realize the .....amazing-ness of this moment, let's take a second.

Mara Jade is one of the most popular Star Wars characters. If you went to C5 you would find that just as many girls costume is Mara as say Padme' or Leia. Why is this? (Because she is bad-a@#ed) It's probably because this character, who has never once graced a Star Wars film or TV show,is probably the coolest rolemodel for young girls when it comes to Star Wars, and Sci Fi in general. Too often are female characters "type casted" into the roles of the damsel in distress. Now you may say "Jess-What about Padme', Leia, Ahsoka, Aayla, and the countless other SW women out there". Of course they are, but Mara Jade is a different type of female hero. She starts at the bottom and builds her way up in life. She's witty and intelligent. She has this internal strength every woman wishes she had. She, while some would argue that it was Thrawn or just Zahn altogether, saved Star Wars in the 1990s. And, while I love Anakin/Padme and Han/Leia, has in my opinion the most amazing love story in all of Star Wars. Because it's not forced. It's probably one of the most natural things to every happen in Star Wars.

Okay...Why do I love Mara Jade so much? When I was about 12, I discovered Star Wars. I saw the movies...yada-yada( I told this story in a previous post already) but when I got into the books, I was a little bored. I liked it, but it wasn't Star Wars for me and I couldn't connect with characters outside of the movies. And then I read Heir to The Empire. And while I loved that book, I loved Mara Jade more. That book made me read Dark Force Rising, and then The Last Command, and then the duology and before you know it, I was so emotionally involved that somehow I ended up here, years later. So I equate much of my Star Wars fandom to Mara Jade.

Speaking of Mara Jade-I was actually going to post this earlier- Shannon McRandle, who was the Mara Jade Decipher model, is selling her autographs for $10 because the place she is renting at has mold and her landlord refused to pay to fix it. She has 3 kids I think, and I think it's important to remember that just cause someone was in Star Wars doesn't mean they are rolling in dough. She's having this sale to raise money to either get a new place or fix the mold I think. You can see it all on her facebook. You can see all the available pictures on , pick out which picture you like and send her check/money order for $10 along with a letter requesting the picture you want and a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. Disregard the fact the site says $15. Shannon will also throw in a free autograph with the purchase, so you actually get 2. I know from past experiences that she is a wonderful lady who is hitting hard times. If you are interested, please check out her site.

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  1. Oooooo...Thanks for sharing! I would LOVE to help her out. I totally agree with you about how awesome she is. I, too, could not put "Shadows of the Empire" and the Thrawn Trilogy down! I still, to this day, read the EU novels to my kids at bedtime!