Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jess: Geek/Chic- 1980

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved fashion. I read Vogue, Glamour, InStyle, Cosmopolitan probably since I could read. My favorite part would be when they had this model all dressed up and then they would list where you could get all the things she was wearing. As someone who loves accessorizing, I find a lot of fun in doing this with my Star Wars tee's and I have always wanted to share it. When I recently saw ClubJade's post on nailpolishes inspired by Star Wars, I got the inspiration to finally turn this dream into a reality. Hope you enjoy. I'm going to try to do this every 2 weeks. I would ideally love to do this every week, but I only have a limited amount of Star Wars clothes and , while I salivate at Her Universe, can't afford the whole line (but I can try :D )

This look is called 1980 for a few reasons. Originally this style's name was 1977, but you'll see why I changed it. First off, the shirt has a very retro style look and feel to it. Plaid was also pretty in back then, at least that's what I've been told. But I really liked the way the Her Universe Empire necklace fit in, so with a little modification, I present to you 1980.

Purple Star Wars Tee- Walmart- $7, available currently in all stores
Guess Denim Skirt- Macy's - $36.99, I just happened to have this skirt, but any will do. Or you can do George Lucas circa his entire life and where it with jeans :D
Purple Plaid Vest- Forever 21- $14.50, I can't find this online which kills me. Any purple plaid will work, but I love the look and feel of this. I'm sure it's on their vast website somewhere, I just can't find it.

Her Universe Empire Strikes Back Necklace- $30- Sold out, but I think the Rebel Alliance Necklace in black would look great with this as well.

Eyeshadow: Kat Von D's True Romance Eyeshadow Pallet from Sephora- $34 , like the shirt any purple will do, but this pallet gives you the ability to layer giving a multi color look. My pictures don't show it that well, but it's a fantastic pallet. Little side note: of anything I want Ashley and Her Universe to do- I want Star Wars inspired makeup pallets.
Lip Gloss: Bella Pallet from Luna Twilight- $28, available at Nordstrom's as well. I'm not a lipstick person, so I went with gloss here. I didn't know exactly what to use, so I went through all of my make up and found this shade. Yes, it's from a very high end make up line inspired by Twilight, but it's great make up, so I bought it.
Eye Liner was simply the kind you can get at any beauty supply store for a few dollars and the mascara was from Victoria's Secret, nothing special that any makeup can't repeat.

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  1. This really is geek chic! I love it, but I love purple...