Friday, August 20, 2010

Jess: Submit Questions to Ask Anna Graves! (Duchess Satine/Sugi from The Clone Wars)

Hey everybody!

I'm still getting around to posting all of my Celebration V stuff ( I still have a lot lefT) but this is something I thought we could have a little fun with. If you didn't know, I run probably the only Duchess Satine fansite-Duchess of Kalevala (linking is being wierd, so it's ) . We are doing an interview with her, but I want to get as many questions as possible going. Satine seems to be featuring largely in Season 3, but I want to stress that no questions about specific details from Season 3 will be asked. Other than that, leave a comment here or on twitter and I will make sure it gets to her. Remember, Anna also played Sugi, the bounty hunter, so you can ask her about that too!

AND to tie it in to Celebration V coverage, here is Dave Filoni talking about what his plans for the future with Satine are. I took this footage with my picture camera, so it's not the best, but the other was home charging to the Last Tour to Endor party.

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