Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jess: No Love for Girls at McDonalds

So....Star Wars will be returning to the Happy Meal next month, and like always it's the "Boy's Toy". Strawberry Shortcake will be for "Girls". Obviously, this shows that the mainstream media can't accept girls liking something like Star Wars. I will write on this more in the future (short for time but I really wanted to post this). I'm sorry for the lack of posts- I'm going back to school soon, so you can imagine, right?


  1. I just started back to school too. So I understand. The boy/girl toy thing makes me really angry and I look forward to hearing more commentary on it. Good luck with school!

  2. Boy Toys? Whatever....I guess we'll be saying "for a boy" no matter what when we drive thru!

  3. Yeah, it's about time to stop the gender specific toys. I'm pretty sure I went for the "boy toys" as a kid half the time anyway!

    Girls Are Geeks

  4. Really? Pity now especially with the opportunities the Clone Wars offers. :/