Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jess: Celebration V- Thursday Summary

^^^^Forgive the fact I look like a total idiot there. I was really excited.

So….Celebration V. Day 1.
This is my day one report- the informal one. I’ll type up something more….legit than this. But I’d thought you’d want something like…now. Pictures will come .
So I got to the convention center at about 8:40ish. First thing I had to do was get my media badge. After being sent up and down and around, I finally got it. General Grievous. Mission accomplished. The media room is great. They have sexy couches and computers and outlets for you to use. And other things, but we’ll get there.
So I wait in the Hyperspace queue line a while. We met this awesome family of fans. I didn’t get their names but the mother had been to every Celebration and was super friendly to me and my convention cohort, my little brother Joe.
Eventually, we where let in. First thing I did was a line it to Her Universe’s booth to buy the exclusive to 150 pieces necklace. I bought it and got #138 (I think). I then introduced myself to Ashley. She immediately gave me a huge hug and was just awesome. I got hugged :D . Interview is coming. But we’ll get there.
So then we went to the autograph section. I picked up our autograph tickets on Wednesday, so we where ready to go. First, I felt it best to do Anthony Daniels. We waited a bit and then he walked up and down the actual queue line and greeted everyone. He then walks up to my brother and goes “You. Why are you here?” To which my brother responds- to meet you. Anthony says “Why” “To get your autograph” “Why?” “Because you are C-3P0” “Why” “Because you’re cool”. Anthony Daniels burst into a fit of laughter. Joe will never live it down. Anthony also commented on his Indiana Jones hat, which he got a ton of compliments about. We got Anthony’s autograph, and Anthony told me the shot I chose was from the first day of shooting and discussed with me how scared he was in the beginning. Anthony claims he is the first person to ever call him “cool” and he told our entire line. Then we went to Ben Burtt’s line. He was nice guy and honestly happy that his work made me want to pursue film editing. Next my brother wanted to meet Matt Wood. He was a super awesome guy, really nice. I jumped in on his picture. Joe then wanted to meet Jeremy Bulloch, who like Matt, is also a top notch guy, who also commented on his Indiana Jones hat. Joe then met Tim Rose, aka Admiral Ackbar. Also commented on his hat. While I didn’t jump in on his picture I did chat with is hysterical wife who was so funny. I didn’t get her name, but she is awesome.
At this point I wasn’t really feeling more autographs. Carrie’s line was too long and we had missed the Liz from My Life as Liz panel. We wanted to go to the Dark Horse panel, but also needed to find the Bounty Hunt sign up. I figured I’d stop by the ever so handy Media Room. So I leave Joe outside. I don’t find anything about the Bounty Hunt but something awesome did happen. Now Joe isn’t the type to recognize voice actors by their face. I however can. As I walk out, he hears something. Someone familiar. James Arnold Taylor, he jumps up and hits me. “Jess! OMG” He was doing interviews with some cooler than us media. So I get a little excited, I turn around and BAM- theres Matt Lanter to my right. Turn left BAM. Cat Taber. So while Cat and James where being interviewed I walk up to Matt and I ask him can I please get a picture with you? He opens his mouth and , what do you know, Anakin is speaking. He is so sweet and says sure. We take it and I ask if Joe can get one, which he responds sure. Score. We then wait till James and Cat where done. A family walk up to them- I can’t remember when they where there. I think there was 3 boys- one cuter than the next. James and Cat gave them each free autographs and pictures . It was all very heartwarming to see such fan interactions. One boy was celebrating his birthday, I can only imagine his stories later in life. We then ask James and Cat for pictures and they, like Matt are more than happy to oblige. We take them and walk away. We both then freak out on the escalator up to the Bounty Hunt Room, only to be sent back downstairs. (Later on in the media room I saw Dave Filoni, but he was chatting with the ForceCast guys- don’t want to mess with them :D Just Kidding- I <3 those dudes)We then go to the Dark Horse Panel. I took some nice pictures. It was a great panel, but I won’t cover it. It’s been covered numerous times on sites and it’s all straight up news. Next was the Disney booth. We are big Disney fans so this was a big deal. I bought a pin. Joe bought the Starspeeder 1000 and a Last Tour to Endor shirt.
We then started the Bounty Hunt at 2:00….an hour later an overwhelmed us, who while they had all the answers gave up. Wasn’t worth the time to us. We went to the art show, which I purchased the most adorable sketch of Mara Jade from Katie Cook- my favorite Star Wars artist. We then decided to be frozen in carbonite at the Booth. My brother was very excited to see the Starkiller one. While in line for the Carbonite one, we met this AMAZING lady from , which is my homepage. She started a conversation about my Her Universe necklace and it went from there. She gave us bracelets and took my picture. If you ever find this post- please contact me- because you are awesome :D I know it wasn’t Dunc, whose name and face I can put together.
I then ran over to get Nick Gillard’s autograph. We talked about Hayden and Ewan…..and stunts. And we took a picture. Super nice guy.
After this we went to the Clone Wars Evolution panel. Oh my gosh that …. Rain. And Matt Lanter sat infront of us throughout the panel. Full report on that coming. Spoiler- Obi-Wan’s hair is going grey and he got a hair cut in Season 3……meaning he is moving towards Episode 3. Oh and Republic Commandos are going to be in Season 3….No Big deal right?
After that I had a collecting epiphany. Joe tells me he’s opening his Starspeeder 1000. At first I’m like Darth Vader at the end of Episode 3. (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) But Joe teaches me a valuable lesson. Collect what you want. In this moment I make an autograph switch in my intended purchases. I see Orli Shoshan has no line, so I go up to her. She was on the phone and I felt bad, but she hung up and apologized. She is so sweet and beautiful. I told her Shaak Ti is one of my favorites and she was like “Oh Thank You”. She gave me a big hug. I then go to Amy Allen’s line and realize that I don’t like any of her pictures available so I go but the Mettalix one of her. It’s great cause I got a pin to go with it. I then get back in line and get her autograph. She is also very sweet. She tells me how glad she is Aayla is still so popular. I tell her that it’s because of the lack of female characters. She smiles and agrees with me. We chat a little about female characters, Aayla and Shaak Ti. We then take a pictures, which came bad, but what ever and part. She gave me a hug. At this point Joe says to me it's unfair that I get hugs from all the pretty girls. I try to explain its a girl thing. He then confesses to me that he is in love with Ashley Eckstein. He is honestly saddened to hear she is married to David Eckstein, the former MLB MVP.
We then went to the Celebration Store to pick up my program and buy a shirt. Then we got inline to play the Force Unleashed II Demo…..but they turned the lights off on us. Grrr…
I know I have left out a lot, but this is a good summary of what we did today.
Oh yeah, and some where in there we ate food. Not important. I heard a woman behind me at the Clone Wars panel that it got to 6:00 before she realized she hadn’t eaten. I can totally see why.
Day rating------ 18/10 :D


  1. Wow - you packed a LOT in one day. What an awesome way to kick off the weekend. :D

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! It sounds like sooooo much fun! I'm so jealous and am looking forward to all your posts! All the memories I have from CIV come flowing back!

  3. *wave* I was searching to see if I could find where any of the bracelets ended up and found your post! Glad you had such an awesome experience at Celebration and great to meet you!

    eliz (
    beth davidson @ gmail . com (no spaces of course!)