Friday, August 13, 2010

Jess: Celebration V Panel Coverage- The Clone Wars Evolution

Here are my notes from the Clone Wars Evolution panel.They are sporadic. We where also sitting right behind Matt Lanter throughout the panel. I was so excited. I had met him earlier in the day.

Biggest news from panel regarding Season 3: Republic Commandos and rain will be in Season 3. Obi-Wan gets a Season 3- esque hair cut and is slowly going grey. It looks great. Anakin's hair may move in Season 3. More Mandalore. We will see more of Death Watch in the future. Satine's reign is, to quote Dave, "questionable".

Other news:
Admiral Kilian is confirmed to not be dead. Dave Filoni compares Aurra to the mother in Willow and makes the "bad mother" connection. Hostage Crisis was originally part of Season 2. It takes 10 weeks to light an episode, while at ILM it took 4 weeks to do one shot. Hondo Ohnaka's office is based off of Dave Filoni's. To all concerned, The Slave 1 is fine. George Lucas was highly influential in the Satine arc.

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