Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jess: Celebration V- Friday Review

The first thing I did when I got to the convention Friday was try to get in Mark Hamill’s line, but our ticket number wasn’t up yet. I got in Carrie Fisher’s line. When I got up for her autograph she saw my Wishful Drinking shirt and was very happy. She signed my autograph and then signed the back of my badge and drew a smiley on the front. Dad had to leave at this point to go to lunch, so we walked around a bit. When we got back, we could get in line for Mark. When we got up there, Joe asked Mark to do the Joker laugh. To my surprise he did it with a smile on his face. When I got up to him, he saw my badge and asked if that was Carrie. When I told him yes, he asked if he could add to it, so he too drew on it. He called it a “self portrait”. We then stopped by the media room. Dave Filoni was there and we got pictures with him. When I introduced myself he knew exactly who I was and told me he loved my site and my videos. The site I refer to is my Duchess Satine Fansite- Duchess of Kalevala.He was amazing! We then went to the Force Unleashed II panel for my brother. I love hearing girls play video games, but it just isn't for me, so I kinda drifted on that panel. After this me and Joe thought we could go get in line for Mark’s panel. While it was still 30 minutes before the panel, wristbands had already been given out and it was more than filled to capacity. We where really upset. As we where about to leave a crew member saw my Media badge and informed me we could stay and see if any seats where left after the wristbands had been seated. Sure enough, we got seated in the VIP section, it was absolutely amazing. I taped the entire panel, which I will try to put up. I noticed Lucasfilm has been pulling them for copyright, so I may have to wait a little while. After that we ran over to do Mark’s photo op. While in line, I met Adrianne Curry. Mark recognized us, which was really cool. Then we did Carrie’s photo op. She not only recognized me but told me how much she loved my Her Universe necklace! We then went to Dave Filoni’s Continuity panel, which was really cool. Talked about Mandalore, Cad Bane and such. After that we strolled around the convention hall for awhile till 7:00. We then had dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express in Downtown Disney- which is delicious!

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