Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Amy: 501st TK Project

One of many cool things about attending Celebration V was seeing all the helmets that were part of the 501st TK Project.  As part of this project, all kinds of artists dressed up blank Stormtrooper helmets and the 501st auctioned them at CV.  The proceeds were given to the Make A Wish Foundation.  They raised over $50,000!!   

The contributions ranged from Star Wars themed helmets to Avatar to steampunk to sports themed.  I took photos of every single helmet.  I'm sure the people behind me in line were thrilled!  Though, actually, most of them were taking photos too.  Here are some of my favorite helmets:

Stormtrooper + cylon

Star Wars adorable!  This is by Katie Cook.

Maori Stormtrooper helmet

Plo Koon helmet - guess who designed it?

Steampunk and stylish!

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