Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jess: Star Wars Speed Dating at C5

So, the news broke on last night's Force-Cast (the best Star Wars podcast in the galaxy) that there will be Star Wars "Speed Dating" at Celebration V. And I felt I needed to talk about it.

So, I'm a single Star Wars lady. This should be right up my ally right?

No. Completely, utterly wrong.

First off, the idea of this just plays into the stereotype that Star Wars fans have no life and need help getting dates. That's wrong. I have no problem getting a date. Even if it has cute and honest intentions, it stills gives off this vibe of almost like a mating cattle call..."Find your Star Wars mate here!"....Just no.

and...there will definitely be a ratio issue. I don't have the details on how it's going to work, but if theres 10 girls for every 50 guys, something isn't going to work. It could potentially turn in to the Star Wars version of "The Bachelorette" and it will just be awkward having to shoot down 4 guys.

Look, I want to meet people at C5. Would I go on a date with someone I met at Celebration? Yes. But gentlemen, do it the right way. Want to land a date at C5? Don't go to this. Plant yourself next to a girl in line for something, start up a conversation, sit next to her at the panel, ask her if she'd like to go check out the exhibits with you, and by the end of the night, you may have gotten yourself a legitimate date. Not something creepy and forced like "Star Wars Speed Dating" .....

However, I wanted to acknowledge that I think that the people behind C5 are trying to give us female fans more. Between the Fashion show, The Commitment Chapel (which I happen to think is cute) and this, it's like they are trying to give us something, which I appreciate. But why not instead of this, you give us a panel or meeting spot for female fans? I can always use more SW BFFLs :D All kidding aside, I love the progress, but us lady Star Wars fans should not be stereotyped as wanting/needing a Star Wars date. We get along just fine without them.

Dear Steve Stansweet- axe this disaster of an idea. If you want to give to the female fandom, give us something so we as women can connect, not force us into awkward situations


  1. I totally agree! This is NOT what the female fans are wanting in terms of programming! Of course a man probably came up with the idea . . . lol!

  2. What I want is more programming with more substance than this kind of goofy nonsense. Just because I'm a Star Wars fan doesn't mean I don't read books or care about history, literature, mythology, etc..

    Aside from that, speed dating to an introvert is as traumatic as tossing a live rat down someone's pants. I don't know what they were thinking...

  3. They actually did "Lightspeed Dating" at Dragon*Con, last year. It was HILARIOUS. And, actually, two couples were created out of that.

    Most people just went for a laugh. Because there's nothing quite like seeing if you match up based on Star Wars questions.

    I understand how it might squick, but it's really a lot of fun.