Friday, July 9, 2010

Jess: Daily Image- Ben Curtis Jones' Celebration V Print

Hey everybody,

Just a small note, the daily image may be a little... sporadic... I'm really busy and I try to pick interesting things you may have not seen before. We all have seen studio shots of Luminara, Shaak Ti, or Leia in her Hoth gear. I want this to be something that surprises you and interests you.

Today's Daily Image is of Ben Curtis Jones' Celebration V art print. It's called "Betrayal" and is limited to, I think, 250 pieces. While some cringe away from Anakin/Padme, I happen to love their tragic story. I think this beautiful artwork represents their tragedy without being all in your face with "I wish, I could just wish my feelings away" and "hold me like you did by the lakes of Naboo". And the colors are SICK.

For more of Ben Curtis Jones' art, check out his website here:

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  1. The artist alley is one of my favorite places to go at a Celebration. There are some great prints available this year.