Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Amy: Interview with Artist Katie Cook

If you've seen the Daddy's Little Girl t-shirt from Her Universe then you know Katie Cook's art.  Actually, I'm going to guess you've seen a lot of her work around.  She has created around a million Star Wars sketch cards for TOPPS.  She's also done tutorials and images for  And yes, she draws stuff other than Star Wars too.

How did you start working with LucasFilms?
the first Star Wars thing i ever did were some sketch cards for TOPPS... and my own dinky little fanart pieces, but they got me noticed! i started doing some fun things for and things have just taken off from there!

For the Her Universe shirt design, did they contact you with an idea or did you get free reign?
ashley contacted me with an idea for the shirt. she told me "daddy's little girl" with leia and vader and told me to run with it! 

How long have you been a fan of Star Wars and how did it start?
I've been a fan since i was a kid. i was born in 1981, so i didn't see any of the original trilogy in theaters... but we had them on VHS and my older brother watched them (and the original star trek tv show!) non-stop. i grew up in a house that loved sci-fi... star wars was just part of the love! later on, my brother went down the "trekkie" path while i stayed on the star wars path. it makes for enthusiastic debates nowadays.

Any particular scene or moment that you would love to illustrate but just haven't yet?
nah, i tend to draw the scenes that i love as soon as i can! but there are some EU characters i haven't played with much (like mara jade) and some fun creatures. i LOVE the animals of star wars, i'd love to do something with them.

What projects are you currently working on?
for star wars... something i can't talk about yet! but i will be soon.

other than that more comic work for other companies and myself. i have a new webcomic (Gronk webcomic) that i'm really excited about. also, preparing for the convention season! also also... i'm pregnant and going to have a baby in december, so i think that's considered a "project"...

I think that definitely counts as a project.  Probably the biggest one ever.  Thanks Katie for taking the time to answer questions!
You can visit Katie and see her art in person at San Diego Comic-Con.  She'll be in Artists' Alley at table GG-02.

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  1. That's super awesome!!! :D Thanks to Amy and Katie!