Thursday, July 1, 2010

Amy: Aayla Secura

Though I loved many characters from the films, it wasn't until the Expanded Universe that I met my favorite character. Aayla Secura - strong, intelligent, and a kick-butt fighter. The Twi'lek only narrowly escaped the fate of being a slave on her home planet. She was discovered by Padawan Quinlan Vos while he was on a mission to Ryloth. He sensed her Force sensitivity and got his Master's permission to take her to the academy for testing. She passed the tests on Coruscant and eventually trained under Quinlan Vos and Master Tholme.

Besides being a General in the Clone Wars and reaching the level of Jedi Master, she went though a lot. She survived being kidnapped by an uncle and being dosed with a drug that made her lose her memories. During this time, she was lured by the dark side of the Force. After her memories returned, she had to re-train in the Jedi Temple.

She played a key role in many battles of the Clone Wars. She was a skilled tactitian, and the Clone Troopers respected her for this. But she still managed to be slightly impulsive and mischievous in nature. This combination of traits, plus the fact that she wasn't afraid to use her attractiveness to her benefit sometimes, makes me respect and adore her. If you only know Aayla Secura from the brief appearance in the movies or the Clone Wars TV series, I highly recommend picking up the trade Rite of Passage.

If I were a Padawan, I would want to learn from her.


  1. The expanded universe is something that really renewed my love of Star Wars. I've always wanted to see more female Jedi and warriors in general. When Yoda said "there is another" in Empire Strikes Back I was so hoping that in the last film Leia would end up kicking ass as a Jedi, but it was not to be. :)

  2. Right? I recommend a series called Star Wars: Infinities. It takes the original three movies, changes one tiny thing and let's things happen. They are three one shot graphic novels, and Leia gets to kick ass in them. :D