Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jess: My Story and an Open Love Letter to Ms. Ashley Eckstein

If you have some how found your way here, I'm sure you are wondering what is The Star Wars Female Fan Force?

Well...Lets start at the beginning.

Hi. I'm Jess. and this is my Star Wars story.

A little over 5 years ago, there was a girl. And she was spectacularly girl-y, if you get my drift. She liked make-up and music and dances and parties and Disney World. In fact, her first experience with Star Wars came from "Star Tours" in Walt Disney World. She rode it every year since she was 3. But anyway, back to our story. She also liked this boy- who happened to be talking a lot about this new film coming out called "Revenge of the Sith". Now, this girl had seen the posters for this movie. She had no interest in Sci-Fi action movies, but hey....there was a really hot guy on the front, worth a shot right?

Just so happens while she was over her parents house, her mother had rented Star Wars:Episode IV for the girls younger brother. This was the girls chance. They started the movie at 9:30. Her mother and brother fell asleep. But the girl stayed up all night....to watch it a total of 4 more times.

Now....ending made really short. I rented the of the movies over the course of the next week, bringing one back and exchanging it for another. The guy I liked- total idiot, but hey-I owe him a lot. You see...seeing Star Wars didn't just change my favorite movie from Mean Girls to Star Wars. It changed me, and removing the cheesy-ness of it- I really did discover who I was via those films. I discovered my love of film making and my desire to pursue editing. In these past 5 years, I've self taught myself everything I know about editing. It's what I will pursue in college and for the rest of my life-despite what any family member will tell you.

However, my fandom didn't come easily. The summer of '05 was easy....being a Star Wars fan was cool, I mean everyone was. After that however, things changed. I soon discovered it was NOT cool to be a nerd. and I abandoned my fandom for a good 6 months. I found my way back when I happened to be looking for a book to read and picked up Legacy of the Force: Betrayal by Aaron Allston one day. It's not a great book, but it got me thinking again and I soon found myself a fan once more.

Unfortunetly, I still hide my fandom from my "real world". I keep them seperate. For the same reason I have 2 youtube accounts, I try to hide my fandom. I have promised myself that the day I go away to film school, I'm "liking" on facebook every Star Wars page I can find, just so all 234 friends of mine (mostly classmates) can know the truth. I don't like hiding- but I don't like the ridicule. I suppose I don't look like your atypical Star Wars fan. I look about 16 years old, am the 5 2", 112 pound version of Megan Fox and I guess give off the completely different vibe. I don't care if people think I'm different or weird- I embrace every minute of it.

That's how Our Universe, and Ashley Eckstein, come into play. First off, the name of the site "Our Universe", is an obvious play on Ashley's clothing line's name- Her Universe. What exactly is Our Universe? It's a blog where specifically chosen female fans of all walks have life have been chosen to blog about their Star Wars opinions, experiences, ect. It's meant to be a joining of minds to discuss and debate of feelings. We aren't meant to agree, so feel free to comment your own feelings on someones post. We will have weekly discussion topics, as well as bloggers own choices of blogs as well as news we feel directly relates to Female Fans. If you are interested in being one, email me at trainspotting0@gmail.com .

So...Ashley Eckstein. Since this is a debating blog, I will be honest with you. When I heard Anakin was getting a padawan I was like "oh great". Then I found out it was a girl and I was like "okay this is cool". and then I saw the Clone Wars movie. and I was never more dissappointed in my life. Not at the movie, but what I felt was a loss of opportunity on Ahsoka's character. I was raving and complained, and complained and complained. "She's an annoying brat-I hate her." Then Season 1 came... and I kind of liked Ahsoka....and by Lightsaber Lost- I was like okay, I like Ahsoka now. She's got room to develop, but I definitely will admit I was wrong about her character. My hatred for Ahsoka also extended onto Ashley Eckstein. I went on her site and saw this blonde, pretty girl and wrote her off completely. I was like "WHAT EVER, Lucasfilm, way to ruin my dreams of having a great character voiced by a cool role model!". :D I happened to hear from someone Ashley liked Disney things and loved Disney World and I stopped and was like, hey...maybe she isn't too bad. I have a few friends who met her at FanDays in Texas and they insisted to me that she was EXTREMELY cool and sweet. I slowly changed my mind about her, to the point where I was like "You know what, Ashley Eckstein is a cool chick". And then the news about Her Universe broke.

I don't think I was ever more excited about a clothing line than this. And I get excited over clothes. I love them. I love fashion and have countless fashion magazine subscriptions. and to hear we girls where getting REAL Star Wars clothes. OMG.

I love the line. It's a brilliant idea that has been executed beautifully. Unfortunately, and I will admit it....I don't own any of the pieces yet. I'm not exactly swimming in money and I'm trying to save for Celebration 5. I'm scrounging up money to hopefully buy one of the shirts. But just looking at them gives me pride. I feel like this is a real breakthrough for us fans. I hope one day to own every, single piece in that line. Because it's an absolutely amazing thing that we have right there. And we owe it all to Ashley, that voice over girl I didn't like, for it. Thank you Ashley. We are eternally grateful.

So, lets celebrate with the kick off of "Our Universe"

More blogs to come, VERY SOON.

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  1. Welcome to fandom! I think you'll find there are TONS of Star Wars fans out there; many in your age group, too.

    Might I recommend the following sites:
    http://starwarschicks.com/ - once they get back up and running

    And I'm having trouble finding them, but besides joining the 501st, there is a support unit of all women.

    It's hard coming out to Mundanes. But let a little bit sneak into conversation. You might be surprised who's out there.