Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trish: YODA

Jedi Master-

As a little girl, he was the cute, little, furry frog guy from Star Wars. He talked funny too- "Do or Do Not; There is no try". I like his silly laugh in Empire Strikes Back. He taught me that "Size matters not", by lifting the X-Wing from the swamp. I cried, when he disappeared and left to join Obi-Wan in Return of the Jedi. And was so happy to see him reunited with his pals, as immortals at the end of it all!

Then, came the prequels! YO-DA MAN! I was so excited to see that little guy return! I missed him! He knew something wasn't right with that Anakin kid. "Fear leads to anger, Anger leads to hate, Hate leads to suffering" - " I sense much fear in you...". Then in Episode 2-BAM! Yes-I yelled and screamed in the theater, with everyone else as Yoda took on Count Dooku! To see that little Master show off his lightsaber skills was AWESOME! Episode 3, I was a little disappointed to see him fail and not take down Palpatine. But, we all know that kind of had to happen in order for the story to work. I got teary-eyed during the Order 66 scene, as I saw Yoda clinch at his heart because he knew something was wrong. And BAM! again, as he took down the Swamp Scout and Trooper before jumping on Chewbacca's back and escaping!

And now, I get to enjoy seeing Yoda again, in Clone Wars. I have so much fun enjoying this series with my kids. They love Yoda too!

Yes-Yoda is my favorite character. It was hard to pick just one. As I thought and thought about who to pick, I just kept coming back to him!
Above is the Yoda Fountain at the Letterman Digital Arts Center in San Francisco-Home of Lucasfilm. My family and I took a road trip up the coast of California for Spring Break last year. This was our final destination before heading home and highlight of our trip! "Feel the Force."
To read more about Yoda, check out : http://www.starwars.com/databank/character/yoda/

Jess: Daily Image

Today's Daily Image is a personal one for me. For those who don't know who that is above, it's Marcia Lucas, George's ex-wife. She won the Academy Award for Best Editing, along with Richard Chew, for Star Wars. It's personal for me because when I saw Star Wars for the first time, the editing is what stuck out the most to me. I aspired to be able to do what Marcia Lucas and Richard Chew created. It was only later did I realize the story behind her. She disappeared after her and George's divorce, and never edited again. A great tragedy, because I would of loved to see what she was could of done.

You can read more about her here, but take it all with a grain of salt, I don't know if it's all confirmed:


Either way, I thought it was a neat picture of Star Wars' beginnings.

Julia: Princess Leia and Mara Jade - you go girls!

People always ask who my favorite Star Wars character is and as a girl who was coming of age in the 1970's that is an easy pick - Princess Leia (duh!). From the moment she entered the screen in A New Hope. I wanted to be her. I admired how she stood up to the Imperial forces and always kept her cool at the same time. I LOVED the way she didn't take any bunk from Han Solo! "Into the garbage shoot, flyboy!" She was the epitome of class and cool combined into one tough chick! She never wavered in her belief of the Rebel Alliance and what they were trying to achieve.

As I ventured into the Expanded Universe of reading Star Wars novels, Leia's appeal did not come through on the pages to me - she struggled with learning how to use the Force and had her hands full as a wife and mother. I could fault the author's or storylines but I had another heroine to follow while reading - Mara Jade. Now here was the ultimate female "superhero" if you want to call her that. She held her own on the darkside as the Emperor's hand and then had the courage to cross back to the Rebel Alliance. I loved that she didn't just swoon into Luke Skywalker's arms but was his equal in every way. Tough, beautiful, smart - she's got it all!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Jess: Daily Image

Today's Daily Image is of Amy Allen on set of Episode II :Attack of the Clones.

I thought it was neat because you can completely see how all of her scenes where shot against blue screen. She, to my knowledge, was never on a "set".

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Trish: My Star Wars Story

30 years ago, the first movie I saw in a Theater was "The Empire Strikes Back". That was when THIS "Star Wars" fangirl was born!
I grew up loving the movies and playing with the toys with my brothers. When the original trilogy was re-released in theaters, my excitement grew. Then, I gave birth to my first child the same year that Episode I came out. The love my husband and I had for "Star Wars" seemed to have passed onto him in record amounts! I've had so much fun sharing my passion (or geekiness) with my, now, 4 children!

"Star Wars" is a big part of our family. I would like to share the things we do with you and hopefully you'll enjoy them and might be able to do them to!

Jess: Celebration Guests and the Daily Image

I know a lot of us will be making the trip to Orlando, Florida this August for Celebration V, and I have no doubt myself, and other bloggers, will be covering it.

Today's Daily Image is actually a few images. These are the female guests who will be signing autographs in the Official Pix autograph hall. Other guests, like Ashley Eckstein, may be found in other booths.

I have also included the prices
Carrie Fisher-Princess Leia- $50- Signing Saturday and Sunday

Amy Allen- Aayla Secura- $20- Signing Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Caroline Blakiston-Mon Mothma- $20- Signing Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Also note that, as Ms. Blakiston is in her 90s, this will be her last USA appearance.

Orli Shoshan- Shaak Ti- $20- Signing Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

You can see the complete guest list here:

I will post any new additions as they come

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jess: Blogger Positions Closed and....Looking for a layout :D

Hey everyone,

We have found our last blogger. We still have a few pending. Right now I'm going to deem blogger positions closed. I want to see if we can "afford" more, so it may reopen in a few weeks. I don't want to flood you guys :D

Also, Does anyone want to design a logo and layout? I'm really bad with those things. It doesn't have to be crazy, but it can be your art or a manipulation. If I get enough people interested perhaps we could hold a contest. Email me @ trainspotting0@gmail.com if interested.

Mary: My Star Wars Story

Here is my personal experience with this movie.

I was not born when these movies first came out.

But I do have a faint memory of being about 6 or 7, sitting on the floor of my living room really close to the television and watching Star Wars on VHS (remember those?) with my Dad. I did not understand the plot, and why they had to go someplace, and who everyone was. All I knew is that I wanted to marry Han Solo and be just like Princess Leia when I grew up.

I remember making my Mom braid my hair like Leia’s and I would tell everyone and I mean EVERYONE that I met, that my name was “Leia”, and I was a Princess.

Then for a while, I forgot about this movie. Grew up a little, when I was in grade 8, I remember the first prequel coming out, seeing it just left a bad taste in my mouth. That was until, high school the next year.

I’ll be the first to admit it, I was that girl with the black hair, that hung out with all the nerdy guys. I went to a Catholic High School, and found comfort with that group of people.

Anyways, one day at lunch my group of peers were debating over something geeky, when they asked me which Star Wars movie I liked best. Well, you should have seen their faces when I said “that I hadn’t seen the movies since I was little, and did not understand why they were so popular still”. They told me that I had to re-watch these movies and then report back to them later. So I figured why not? Sat down, and spent my weekend watching them again at a more mature age.

I realized there is something special about these movies. Especially, The Empire Strikes Back. I remembered a time when I was that little girl, wanting to grow up and be a strong woman. I remember what it felt like to watch these movies, and wonder how they did different scenes. It was magical, wonderful, entertaining and suspenseful all in one.

Needless to say, I went back to my group of friends, told them that they were right. And I feel back in love with Star Wars overall.

Jess: Daily Image/Fate of the Jedi: Conviction Cover

Today's Daily Image is News as well.

For those who follow the Fate of the Jedi book series, the cover for Conviction has been released.....and it features Tahiri Veila

For those who don't follow the Post ROTJ EU, while I do have a lot of problems with it, there is a lot of good to be found there. *coughcough* Mara Jade *cough*

Friday, June 25, 2010

Jess: News- Fangirls/Her Universe Media Coverage

While I would argue that we have always been here, Newsarama is running an article about how Fangirls are an important part of the Star Wars universe.

Newsarama: Fangirls a growing force in Star Wars Empire
Check it out here:

Another Article, from Fast Company, highlights Her Universe and has some pictures of merchandise. My eagle eye sees something new

Fast Company: Star Wars Girl Taps Female Geek Chic Market

The one on the right is definitely new:

Jess: Daily Image

Today's Daily Image is of Adrienne Curry. You may recongize her from America's Next Top Model, which she was the inaugural years winner.

She is also a HUGE Star Wars fan and living proof that female geeks are more than just girls living in their parents basements. She has even trooped with the 501st and attended numerous conventions in costume (besides Star Wars, I've seen her as Silk Spectre II from Watchmen and Wonder Woman)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Amy: My Star Wars Story

Oh, Star Wars.  How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways!
I could count the ways for a while, so I'll save that for later posts.  For now, I'll tell you about how Star Wars came into my life. 

I first saw A New Hope in the theater in 1997.  Though I was well along on my geek path by then, I have to confess that I grew up in a Star Trek household.  I only went to see the Star Wars re-releases because of some guy friends that were going.  I owe them.  I couldn't wait another month to see The Empire Strikes Back on the big screen.  I went to local video store the next day and spent the rest of my weekend with Luke, Leia, and Han.  I became incredibly excited for the impending release of the prequels.  We went opening day and got in line early for tickets (which was unheard of in the small town I'm from). 

And the prequels were fun.  I don't love the prequels, but I have found favorite moments in each one - the Battle of Geonosis and all of the Qui-Gon Jinn scenes among them.  I was especially intrigued by the earlier timeline.

"Begun, the Clone Wars have."

Yoda, you had at me Clone Wars.  The prequels got me interested in the expanded universe of books and comics.  So many characters and stories exist outside the movies, and I had no idea.  My love for Star Wars persisted but further exploration took a backseat until about two years ago when The Clone Wars movie was released.  That seemed to activate my fandom from its sleeper mode.  I have been devouring books, visual guides, references, and developing a comic collection since then.  I enjoy reading around the timeline of the Clone Wars and before because of the variety of kick butt female characters.  We've met several in the Clone Wars television series, but even more are present in the comics.  My particular favorite is Aayla Secura.  I know there are awesome girls after the Battle of Yavin too, but I'm taking it slow.  There's a lot of Star Wars awesome out there.

I'm really excited about Our Universe community, and I'm jazzed to hang out with girls who share a love for this galaxy far, far away.

Stormtrooper Armor

I am not a member of the 501st (it's borrowed armor), but I am hoping to apply for the Rebel Legion after I finish up a costume for San Diego Comic-Con.

Jess: Last Blogger Position and Daily Image

We have room for ONE more blogger. If you are interested drop me an email @ trainspotting0@gmail.com . After that, blogging positions will be closed.

Today's Daily Image is of Zuckuss. In case you didn't notice him, he's a bounty hunter in The Empire Strikes Back. In canon- he is a male.

HOWEVER, he was actually played by a woman by the name of Cathy Munroe.

I couldn't find any behind the scenes photos of her, so that will have to do. Hope we get to see her at Celebration V

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Julia: Star Wars fangirl checking in!

I am so excited to be here blogging about something that has been a part of my life since I was 13. STAR WARS! I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones who was around in '77 to see the original movie. Was it Princess Leia and her cool cinnabun hairdo or the stormtroopers rushing in with Darth Vader or maybe that cute Luke Skywalker (I WAS 13!), I'm not sure which but I was hooked. I don't know how many times I saw it with my older brother but I know my mom stopped letting us go after a while. I was a makeshift Leia that first year at Halloween wearing a white bedsheet wrapped around me and my hair twisted up into buns. And it was my brother who bought me the "early bird" mail-in redemption for the first set of action figures so I can blame my collecting problem on him!

In the years before the internet, I always thought of myself as the lone female Star Wars fan. My female friends thought I was nuts and my male friends thought it was cool but I really longed for someone that understood. All of that changed once the internet became widespread. Suddenly I was surrounded by women all over the world who loved the movies like I did. It's been heaven ever since not having to explain the enormous amounts of Star Wars toys tucked into my guest bedroom or the stormtrooper armor that I proudly wear as a member of the 501st Legion.

I am looking forward to the Our Universe community and hope that it will be a place for women of all ages to share their love of Star Wars. And I'll let you know in advance that I am something of an original trilogy snob but I don't let it get in the way of my Star Wars obsession. I plan on sharing pictures of my collection along with many of the fantastic times I have had traveling the galaxy to events. MTFBWY!

Jess: Comments and Daily Image

We have had a GREAT first day with a lot of attention. We still actually have room for 1 or 2 more bloggers, so if you are interested drop me an email @ trainspotting0@gmail.com

Lots of people have been asking how they can get involved but not be a blogger- my response is this- tell people about this site. More people= more opinions and more fun. and please....comment on blog posts- we can get some good conversation going.

Also, I'm starting up a thing called the Daily Image. It will be something pertaining to female fans. I will either make it its own post, or post it in news/blog that I happen to be posting.

Today's image is of Maria Brill. Ms. Brill actually worked for ILM during the production of Episode 3. She actually played Shaak Ti in the hologram scene on Kashyyk. Common misbelief is that Orli Shoshan played Shaak Ti in Revenge of the Sith. While Orli did play her in both of her deleted death scenes (one aboard the Invisible Hand and the other at the Jedi Temple at the hands of Anakin/Vader), it was actually Ms. Brill who made the actual physical appearance in Revenge of the Sith.

Maria Brill- Shaak Ti

And yes. That is my autograph of hers right there :D

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jess: OMG-Star Wars Fashion Show @ Celebration V

From Starwars.com

Star Wars Fashion Show -- Ashley Eckstein -- the voice of Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars: The Clone Wars -- hosts a first-ever fashion show celebrating the breadth and depth of clothing lines bringing Star Wars to the street.

So...I'm REALLY excited about this. If they take fan volunteers, someone must tell me. I've been to a lot of fashion shows in New York City. But this has to be the coolest idea ever. Once again proving why Ashley Eckstein is amazing. I'll most more definite news on this as it's available

Jess: Her Universe Site is OPEN!

The "Her Universe" site opened yesterday!

These are the items currently available.

My favorites are the Luke( but in the Grey) and the Padme red one.

Go buy them!


Jess: My Story and an Open Love Letter to Ms. Ashley Eckstein

If you have some how found your way here, I'm sure you are wondering what is The Star Wars Female Fan Force?

Well...Lets start at the beginning.

Hi. I'm Jess. and this is my Star Wars story.

A little over 5 years ago, there was a girl. And she was spectacularly girl-y, if you get my drift. She liked make-up and music and dances and parties and Disney World. In fact, her first experience with Star Wars came from "Star Tours" in Walt Disney World. She rode it every year since she was 3. But anyway, back to our story. She also liked this boy- who happened to be talking a lot about this new film coming out called "Revenge of the Sith". Now, this girl had seen the posters for this movie. She had no interest in Sci-Fi action movies, but hey....there was a really hot guy on the front, worth a shot right?

Just so happens while she was over her parents house, her mother had rented Star Wars:Episode IV for the girls younger brother. This was the girls chance. They started the movie at 9:30. Her mother and brother fell asleep. But the girl stayed up all night....to watch it a total of 4 more times.

Now....ending made really short. I rented the of the movies over the course of the next week, bringing one back and exchanging it for another. The guy I liked- total idiot, but hey-I owe him a lot. You see...seeing Star Wars didn't just change my favorite movie from Mean Girls to Star Wars. It changed me, and removing the cheesy-ness of it- I really did discover who I was via those films. I discovered my love of film making and my desire to pursue editing. In these past 5 years, I've self taught myself everything I know about editing. It's what I will pursue in college and for the rest of my life-despite what any family member will tell you.

However, my fandom didn't come easily. The summer of '05 was easy....being a Star Wars fan was cool, I mean everyone was. After that however, things changed. I soon discovered it was NOT cool to be a nerd. and I abandoned my fandom for a good 6 months. I found my way back when I happened to be looking for a book to read and picked up Legacy of the Force: Betrayal by Aaron Allston one day. It's not a great book, but it got me thinking again and I soon found myself a fan once more.

Unfortunetly, I still hide my fandom from my "real world". I keep them seperate. For the same reason I have 2 youtube accounts, I try to hide my fandom. I have promised myself that the day I go away to film school, I'm "liking" on facebook every Star Wars page I can find, just so all 234 friends of mine (mostly classmates) can know the truth. I don't like hiding- but I don't like the ridicule. I suppose I don't look like your atypical Star Wars fan. I look about 16 years old, am the 5 2", 112 pound version of Megan Fox and I guess give off the completely different vibe. I don't care if people think I'm different or weird- I embrace every minute of it.

That's how Our Universe, and Ashley Eckstein, come into play. First off, the name of the site "Our Universe", is an obvious play on Ashley's clothing line's name- Her Universe. What exactly is Our Universe? It's a blog where specifically chosen female fans of all walks have life have been chosen to blog about their Star Wars opinions, experiences, ect. It's meant to be a joining of minds to discuss and debate of feelings. We aren't meant to agree, so feel free to comment your own feelings on someones post. We will have weekly discussion topics, as well as bloggers own choices of blogs as well as news we feel directly relates to Female Fans. If you are interested in being one, email me at trainspotting0@gmail.com .

So...Ashley Eckstein. Since this is a debating blog, I will be honest with you. When I heard Anakin was getting a padawan I was like "oh great". Then I found out it was a girl and I was like "okay this is cool". and then I saw the Clone Wars movie. and I was never more dissappointed in my life. Not at the movie, but what I felt was a loss of opportunity on Ahsoka's character. I was raving and complained, and complained and complained. "She's an annoying brat-I hate her." Then Season 1 came... and I kind of liked Ahsoka....and by Lightsaber Lost- I was like okay, I like Ahsoka now. She's got room to develop, but I definitely will admit I was wrong about her character. My hatred for Ahsoka also extended onto Ashley Eckstein. I went on her site and saw this blonde, pretty girl and wrote her off completely. I was like "WHAT EVER, Lucasfilm, way to ruin my dreams of having a great character voiced by a cool role model!". :D I happened to hear from someone Ashley liked Disney things and loved Disney World and I stopped and was like, hey...maybe she isn't too bad. I have a few friends who met her at FanDays in Texas and they insisted to me that she was EXTREMELY cool and sweet. I slowly changed my mind about her, to the point where I was like "You know what, Ashley Eckstein is a cool chick". And then the news about Her Universe broke.

I don't think I was ever more excited about a clothing line than this. And I get excited over clothes. I love them. I love fashion and have countless fashion magazine subscriptions. and to hear we girls where getting REAL Star Wars clothes. OMG.

I love the line. It's a brilliant idea that has been executed beautifully. Unfortunately, and I will admit it....I don't own any of the pieces yet. I'm not exactly swimming in money and I'm trying to save for Celebration 5. I'm scrounging up money to hopefully buy one of the shirts. But just looking at them gives me pride. I feel like this is a real breakthrough for us fans. I hope one day to own every, single piece in that line. Because it's an absolutely amazing thing that we have right there. And we owe it all to Ashley, that voice over girl I didn't like, for it. Thank you Ashley. We are eternally grateful.

So, lets celebrate with the kick off of "Our Universe"

More blogs to come, VERY SOON.